The Situation Behind The Poem Of Shikwa

Allama Iqbal Poetry
 When Allama Iqbal started poetry, although at that time british government has been ruled many years on Hindustan, and Muslims wanted a separate state. Muslims were satisfy that there is an Islamic Caliphate. King of Turkey was the king of all Muslims, and he was ruling over Asia, Europe and Africa.
Muslims were thinking that they have to be unite to support the Caliphate and fight against Christian states.
 Syed Jamal ud din Afghani Spread this idea to Muslim.
He belonged to Afghanistan, but due to some reasons he migrated, He visited Egypt, Iran and Turkey and make great speeches to spread his Ideas, although he didn't succeeded his ambition completely, but due to his speeches all the Muslims agreed to be unite.


Allama Iqbal Shikwa

Allama Iqbal Shikwa

Allama Iqbal Shikwa
Allama Iqbal Shikwa

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