Allama Iqbal Poetry English Translation

Allama Iqbal's Poetry
The effect of the thoughts of Allama Iqbal which he showed in his poetry was not bound only in Hindustan or only for Muslims but people inspired to Iqbal from all over the world. When Iqbal started his poetry he wrote it in Urdu language. When he went to Europe he wrote most of his poetry in Persian language, most of his poetry is in Persian, but before some years of his death he again wrote the poetry in Urdu. He also wrote some of his poetry in Arabic. In Hindustan people were attracting to the English and leaving the Persian. In the life of Iqbal many people wrote the articles about his poetry.
Then it is to be needed to translate the poetry of Iqbal in different languages. N Mey Shiml Translated his poetry in German language. Many people translated his poetry form Persian to Urdu and Punjabi, Persian to English and Urdu to English. Here is the list of his poetry that has been translated in English. 

The Interrogation of the Dead 



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does his work contain the following verse
"wali bhi rind bhi shayar bhi kya nahi iqbal"
if so then in which book ... thank you