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Monday 10 December 2012

Western Civilization by Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Allama Iqbal On Europe
Towards the close of the 19th century Muslim young men began to be    attracted  by the civilization. They enjoyed the universities  founded by British rulers. Muslim overcame  their diffidence and set their feet confidently on the path of   higher education. Allama Muhammad Iqbal had understood clearly the inherent weaknesses of western thought and culture, its faulty and deficient   features and the elemental perversity of its design

Iqbal says:
civilization of the west is perversion of heart and mind,
 Since its soul could not remain unpolluted .
When the soul loses its purity everything goes,
Cleanliness of conscience, loftiness of mid, refinement  of  taste.
Iqbal refer again and again to the godless character of the western philosophy of life whose foundation  is laid on the intolerance of religion
and ethics and the favorite pastime of which, During all the stages of history, has been the carving of new images.
Annihilation of man is the profession of this civilization and trade and commerce its sole aim occupation.
Europe, alas, is ignorant of this state,
With the light of ALLAH its eye does not see;
Not between the allowed and the prohibited it makes a distinction,
Its wisdom is immature and mission incomplete.
It makes one community devour the other,
One sow the seeds, another reaps the harvest;
In snatching bread from the weak its wisdom lies,
And in taking away life from his brother"s frame.
The target of modern civilization is man himself who is the source of its energy the animation and instrument of  its commerce and industry. The mounting expenditures and rising cost of living are the creation of              Jewish cunning which have robbed mankind of the light of faith.
The world of profit, trade, deceit and turpitude is crumbling fast and new world is struggling to take its place.
But now a new world is born, the old world is dying,
The world the dice-throwers of Europe have made a gambling den.

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