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Monday 10 December 2012

Allana Iqbal's Early(Student) Life at Sialkot

Allama Iqbal
Authentic and detailed information about Iqbal's early life is limited, about his early education Iqbal give some other information too,in his PhD thesis, and this information should also be considered quite relevant while going through the above mentioned dispute. he writes as an autobiographical statement:
"I was born on the third , of Zhiqad, 1297 A.H(1877 A.D) at Sialkot Punjab (India). My study begin
with the study of Arabic and Persian. a few years later i joined one of the local schools and began my university career, passing the first public examination in 1891. In 1893 i passed the matriculation and joined the scotch mission college, Sialkot, where i studied for two years, passing the intermediate examination of the Punjab university in 1895."
Iqbal's early education start with the studying of QUR'AN MAJEED along with some Arabic and Persian books at a Maktab of M.Ghulam Hussain and MASJID HISSAM-UD-DIN. It is customary to start early education with BISMILLAH celebration at the age of four and five(four years four months and four days).
I the year 1891, Iqbal passed his first public examination, in 1893, he appeared in the matriculation examination at the Gujarat center after that he joined scotch mission intermediate college,Sialkot. he passed F.A in 1895. In all these examinations Iqbal was awarded scholar-ships of merit.
Iqbal's first marriage took place in 1893, while he was twenty years old. His first wife, older than him, belonged to a respectable family of Gujrat. From this wife Iqbal had a daughter, Me raj Bibi. who died in childhood, and one son, Aftab Iqbal, he did bar-at-law and died in 1990.

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