The Story Of Man

Someone should hear the tale of my emigration
I ignored the story of the primeval covenant

I did not feel attachment to the garden of Paradise
When I drank the fiery cup of Intellection

I remained in pursuit of the Truth of the universe
I exhibited the excellence of elegant thoughts

I got such a change-loving temperament
That I did not settle anywhere under the sky

Sometimes I removed the stone idols from the Ka'bah
Sometimes I established the idols in the Haram

Sometimes I arrived at ñur in my desire to speak
And I concealed the Eternal Light up my sleeve

Sometimes I was nailed to the cross by my own clan
I rose to the Celestial world leaving the earth

Sometimes I remained hidden in Cave of Hira for year
Sometimes I gave the world the last cup of Divine wine

Coming to India I played the Divine Orchestra
Sometimes I chose the land of Greece

When the people of India paid no heed to my call
I populated the countries of China and Japan

Sometimes I created the universe by combining elements
I did this against the meanings of priests' preaching

I stained hundreds of lands with blood
When I started the war between Intellect and religion

When I could not understand the reality of stars
I passed sleepless nights in this contemplation

The swords of the Church could not frighten me
When I taught the theory of earth's revolution

I demonstrated the gravity's secret to the world
Using the far-sighted Intellect's mirror

I arrested radiations and the restless electricity
I made the earth the source of envy to Paradise

Ah! But I could not reach the Existence' secrets
Though I made the world beautiful with my Intellect

In the end as my materialistic eye opened
I found Him lodged in my own heart