Oneness Of God / Zarb e Kaleem English translation

There were times when ALLAH's oneness was
A living force in world of clay :
But subtle points by pedants raised
Have changed the trend of times today,

If conduct dark is not illuminated
By means of bright and dazzling glow :
It means that rank of Muslim true
He himself also does not know.

O Marshsal of this great array,
I have descried your mighty hordes :
They won't repeat "Say ALLAH is one",
Their sheaths devoid of piercing swords.

The Mullah and jurist both alas!
About this fact are not aware :
As long as thoughts are not same,
The ripeness of acts leads nowhere.

The Mullahs who leads prayer Brief,
Don't know a nation's goal and aim
How can they learn nation;s weight,
When things like this they do not claim ?