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Monday 7 May 2012

Dr Javed Iqbal Son Of Allama Iqbal / Family Of Iqbal

Iqbal's younger son 'Javed' (born 1924) has written several books and papers on his father, including 'Zindah rud'(1979/84), the authoritative biography. The following extracts are taken from his paper"Iqbal.:My Father", presented at a symposium in the united states in 1964.
a year before i was born(1924), father visited the mausoleum of 'shiekh Ahmed Sirhindi', Also known as 'Mujaddid Alf Sani'...At the mausoleum, my father prayed for a child-a son-whom he could bring up in accordance with his own ideals of religion and morality. If ALLAH did grant him a son, he promised the saint that he
would one one day bring him to the mausoleum.
His prayer was 'heared', and later in the summer of 1934, When i had attained an impressionable
age,he took me to 'Sirhind'. I can recollect our visit to mausoleum of Shaikh Ahmed, For it is
impressed vividly on my mind. Father took me inside mausoleum, Sat close to the grave of the
saint, and recited the 'Quran'...
Father rarely gave me an opportunity to judge how much affection and love he felt for me.
he seldom held me or kissed me,and because of this, I never really felt the warmth of
fatherly affection. When he saw me running about the house,he would smile faintly,
as if someone was facing him to smile... How ever it would be wrong to conclude that
he was incapable of loving or bestowing affection.Although his love for me was divide
of youthful 'vigor',it had the depth of maturity. I was, as it were not only his son but
"the younger generation of Islam personified"-The little cubs of today who were to be
trained so that they could learn to involve themselves deeply with and provide a life 
giving response to the dead world in which he lived.
Although the mother was was very strict and punished me if i was mischievous,
father's rebuke always provide a better corrective.
On very few occasions did father beat me.The reason usually were rudeness to the servants
or running about bare footed in the summer sun...
As a child i was very fond of painting but father was not aware of my interests.When
he learnt that i liked painting and saw few of my works of art he encouraged me a great
deal and purchased large prints by French, Italian and Spanish masters for me. I was
also very fond of music, But he had neither a gramophone nor a radio in the house. Despite
this lack father too enjoyed music and even play the sitar before he went for higher education.
His love for music never died.
In the later phase of his life 'Faqir Najum-ud-din' on of his friends,occasionally play a sitar for him.
whenever a singer came to our house and sang some of his 'Ghazals' father sent for me.
In 1931,When father went to England to attend the round table conference, I was about seven years old
I wrote him a letter to ask him to bring a gramophone.The gramophone never arrived but
my letter moved him to write a poem "To 'Javed' on receiving his letter".
Build in Love's empire your heart and your home;

Build time  anew, a new dawn, a new Eve!

Your speech,if ALLAH give you a friendship of nature,

from the rose and tulip's long silence weave  .

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