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Saturday 10 December 2011

Sheikh Noor Muhammad / Father Of Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal's Father
Allama Iqbal's father Shiekh Noor Muhammad(1837-1930) commonly known as 'nathoo' by friends was a mild-tempered person who made his living by selling kashmiri shawls and at one point invented a special cap worn by men and women alike.
however shaikh Noor Muhammad  was not suited to business   which  he left to as on-in-law around the 1890's. Noor muhammad remained a major influence on Iqbal especially in  terms of mystical tendentiousness would recall incidents of spiritual nature about him from childhood and it was he  who caught him a key concept about the Qur'an  the holly book can  reveal itself to the  readers  according to  their spiritual degrees.
Noor muhammad's forgiving nature and spiritual concern for humanity left deep impact on iqbal's mind  the
other day was having meals when he suddenly said "i wonder how long the humanbeing has being away from
his creator and burst into tears", iqbal narrates about him in a letter.
Shiekh noor muhammad was also the person who persuaded iqbal to expunge the offensive portion about
Hafiz sherazi from letter editions of asrar-i-khudi .


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Was he worked in bank??? For some period?

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Where is the tomb of Sheikh Noor Muhammad?

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